I’m A Car Dealer

I’m A Car Dealer

Drive Now Network Offers Something Different

Unlike other lead generation companies, the Drive Now Network is focused on capturing the all important tax season leads beginning in October. This focus, combined with our marketing experience and innovative approach, makes the Drive Now Network the industry leader in tax season lead generation.

The focus of the Drive Now Network is to specifically capture the customer’s tax refund check as a down payment starting in October. Our extremely easy on-line application process takes no longer than 30 seconds and the lead is emailed to your dealership in minutes, giving you valuable information to help close the sale the same day.

With the combination of the Tax Max 4th quarter on-line estimator and fresh daily leads from the Drive Now Network, dealers can now begin Tax Season in October! Most lead generator websites get you leads of customers who want cars. Drive Now Network gets you leads of customers who want cars and have thousands of dollars!

Program Benefits for your Dealership

1.  Choose your mileage radius around your dealership
2.  NO monthly membership service fees
3.  NO additional fees for closing a sale
4.  High grosses from sub-prime auto sales leads