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Terms of use and Privacy Policy

By clicking the Drive Now button at the bottom of the form, you certify that all of the statements in the application are true and complete and are made for the purpose of being matched with a local car dealership, network affiliates, or partners to purchase a new or used vehicle. You authorize Drive Now Network (DNN) to share your application and related data with its dealer network, network affiliates, or partners in order to complete the processing of matching you with a local dealership/ insurance provider/ financing provider. You authorize for the dealership, Drive Now Network, network affiliates, or partners to contact you via the information that you provided including postal mail, electronic mail, home phone, cell phone and via text message even if it results in a charge to you. By completing the form you recognize and agree that DNN is not affiliated with any of the companies that will be receiving your information. You agree that the role of DNN is to act as the link between you and the dealership, network affiliates, or partners for the sole purpose of purchasing a vehicle, obtaining insurance, or obtaining financing. You agree that you will not hold Tax Refund Services, Inc., Tax Max and Drive Now Network responsible for any wrong doings of any car dealerships/companies using the information that you provided. Completing this form does not guarantee the sale of a vehicle, insurance or financing.

What privacy protections do I have with this internet location?

You have the right to decide how we share some personal data within our company. Please read this notice and decide if you want us to keep sharing your data or to stop sharing your data (opt out). If you want to opt out follow the procedures below. In addition, this notice describes, as the law requires, 1) the kinds of data we collect, 2) how we share that data, 3) how we protect that data.

What data do we collect?

We collect data about: Who you are, your name, address, e-mail address, home phone number and cell phone number. Some data about you is public data. Your phone number is considered public data if it’s in a telephone book. But your phone number is considered nonpublic data if it’s an unlisted number. Your right to decide whether we share your data only applies to such nonpublic data. That means that even if you opt out, we can still share public data about you with other companies.

What data do we share?

Access to personal data we obtain resulting from the submission of the form located at DriveNowNetwork.com will only be made available to service providers, network affiliates, or partners directly involved with the purchasing of an automobile.

What anonymous information is collected on this website?

We record anonymous data such as traffic logs, number of visits or clicks on a given page, pages viewed or links to our site. We also store IP addresses on our server in the event that our site should become corrupted and it becomes necessary to discover the cause of this corruption. We aggregate this anonymous data as part of managing, maintaining and reporting on use of our website. We may share this anonymous data with third parties for the limited purpose of reporting on use of our website, or to comply with applicable law. None of this anonymous data is linked to personally-identifiable information and we make no attempt to link IP addresses to the individuals who visit this site.

The use of cookies

We use cookies on this website. Cookies are small chunks of data created by a web server, delivered through a web browser, and stored on your computer. They provide a means for websites that you visit to keep track of your online patterns and preferences, as well as identify you as a return visitor.

Opting out of future offers or future communications from us.

Please contact us at trs@taxrefundservices.com stating that you want to “OPT OUT – DNN” in the subject line and we will remove the email address that the email was sent from.

Trademark and Copyright Information

Everything on our website is copyrighted and may not be used except with our express written consent. Use of these images by you or other third parties is prohibited and may violate the copyright laws, trademark laws, privacy laws and other laws and regulations. Nothing contained on this site may be construed as granting any license or right to use any of our trademarks or service marks without our prior written consent.