Who Can File My Amended Tax Return?

The IRS Form 1040-X is one best left to a professional. Anyone can fill out a form, but not everyone can read it and verify that it is filled out correctly. Self-prepared tax software is not recommended for more complex tax issues such as amended tax returns.



Make sure the professional that you choose is an IRS RTRP – Registered Tax Return Preparer.


Tax professionals are NOT required to be an RTRP, as the program and testing is currently voluntary. However, when dealing with more complex tax forms, wouldn’t you rather work with someone who chose to undergo additional training and testing?

CPA services can also assist you, but are not necessary. CPAs are more like doctors. Would you see a cardiologist for a cancer diagnosis or a podiatrist for neck issue? Many CPAs specialize in businesses and non-profit organizations, often unfamiliar with the ever-changing personal tax codes.

An RTRP is expected to be educated and updated on personal tax forms and are often more qualified to help with personal tax matters.

If you do choose to see a CPA, ask them what they specialize in. When the answer is corporate, you may be better served to step down to a personal tax expert.