Cleaning That Dirty Upholstery


One of the biggest issues people have with their new or used vehicle is keeping that interior looking superb. As everyone knows, life sometimes gets dirty.  Whether you have kids or pets, both have a knack for creating those hard to get out stains.


If you have cloth upholstery in your vehicle here is a must-have product to keep around the house, it is called Tough Stuff multi-purpose foam cleaner. This product retails for a whopping $4.99. Let’s say your dog trekked in some mud after a day at the dog park, in three easy steps that upholstery will look brand new and smell delightful.


Step 1– Spray the Tough Stuff foam cleaner on the affected areas of your upholstery and allow 35- 45 seconds to soak in.


Step 2– With a damp shop rag, scrub the foam cleaner into the affected area in a circular motion until the foam cleaner dissipates.


Step 3– With a dry shop rag, gently wipe the moisture away and allow a few minutes to dry.


Tada! Your seats will now be stain free and have a fresh lemony scent lingering in your car. This application can go a long way in a lot of scenarios.


If you have ten minutes you can have your upholstery looking brand new.  This can have a big impact on the resale value of your vehicle and also save you money by avoiding expensive interior detailing. Whether you are looking to trade your vehicle, want to maximize your resale value, or just want to keep that new vehicle in pristine condition, this method could be a great help to you.