Refund Advance is Back!!!

pay-IRS-by-credit-card How_fast_can_I_get_my_tax_refund

Can I get some of my tax refund money the same day you may ask?  Do you remember the days when you could file your taxes and get money the same day? Well that time has returned at any of our Drive Now Network partners! Our customers want it and finally the banks have responded. Now if you file your taxes at any of the Drive Now Networks partners you can receive up to $750 with in twenty four hours.

How fast could I get part of my tax refund money?  You could get up to $750 in twenty four hours!!! You must have your W2 in order to apply for the Tax Advance. This advance is NOT credit based. That’s great because it means you can not be turned down if you have sub-prime credit. Poor credit is a common occurrence after the economy fell apart a couple years ago.

Make sure you take full advantage of this opportunity. Behind on bills? Need school supplies for you or your kids? Need to get your car fixed? Need to pay rent? This is your time to catch up with the Tax  Refund Advance at a dealership!!!

We all know the IRS promises to get your refunds out within 21 days. 21 DAYS, that’s almost a month. If your lucky enough to get your money in 21 days that’s good, but what if there is a delay in processing your return (like there is for many Americans every year), you may have to wait weeks, perhaps months before you see any money.

With the Tax Advance, you can be approved for up to $750 within 24 hours. That money can help you when you need it the most. Visit a Drive Now Network partner today to see how we can help you!

To visit a Drive Now Network partner, simply fill out the form at submit it and a Drive Now Network partner in your area will contact you TODAY!!!