Tesla unveiled its new pick up truck the other day in Los Angels. If you where not able to be there in person you could have live streamed it at livestream.tesla.com. For those of us who did watch the big reveal it has it ups and downs. First the truck did look very futuristic and promising to go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds was pretty impressive. The big reveal did have a few stumbles. One of those was when Elon Musk asked one of the head designers, Franz Von Holzhausen, to throw a metal ball at the trucks armored windows. The trucks window glass was smashed not once but twice. Even with this stumble tesla was able to secure over 200K pre orders for the truck. The fact that you only have to put down $100 to pre order the truck and that the $100 is fully refundable means probably not all pre orders will convert into sales but it is still an impressive truck from where we stand.